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NoRoma Odor Elim Laundry Wash 1Gal 4/CS

Unit of Measure: CASE
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NoRoma Odor Eliminator Laundry Wash 1 Gallon 4 Per Case

Breaks down dried crystallized malodorous material allowing for complete elimination of set odors. Removes stains and cleans washable items. Non – flourescing, no brightners. Contains patented MCC technology.

The active ingredient, and core component of the NoRoma odor eliminating product line, is a unique oxidation catalyst that rapidly converts odor molecules into odorles molecules using oxygen present in the air.

Value of NoRoma’s Catalytic Oxidation:
  • Broad range of efficacy
  • Rapid conversion of odor compounds into odorless compounds
  • Economical, continuous catalytic action will eliminate a large amount of odors.
  • Non Hazardous / Biodegradable
  • Packaging: 1 Gallon Bottle / 4 Bottles Per Case
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