AccuTec PRO Heavy Duty 2-Notch Utility Blade, 100 Pack in a Dispenser

Multi-purpose blade suited to many cutting jobs.
Precision engineered, so you can get it all done.
Heavy duty, so you can keep getting it done.
Packed in a 100 blade dispenser.

SKU APBL-8016-0000


Slice through the toughest materials with the AccuTec PRO Heavy Duty Utility Blade A proprietary grinding process gives each blade the perfect balance of sharpness and durability. Fits most standard utility knives such as folding utility knives, fixed utility knives, and retractable utility knives. Versatile and multi-purpose blades will cut a variety of materials with ease, including cardboard, leather, linoleum, carpet, rope, soft metal, PEX tubing, and more.


Blade Material

High Carbon

Edge Type

2 Facet

Blade Thickness


Blade Color


Pack Type