DYNA 143°™ Solvent Cleaner for Parts Washing, 55 gal Drum, Solvent-Like

Zep Professional® DYNA 143°™ Solvent Cleaners for Parts Washing


  • Highly-refined, odorless solvents quickly dissolve and flush away grease, oil, and other soil
  • Low evaporation rate and vapor pressure assure minimal evaporative loss and employee exposure
  • The higher flash point of Zep Dyna 143° (143° F) as compared to mineral spirits (107° F), reduces the flammability hazards of solvent use in the shop area and storeroom
  • When used in a filtered Zep® parts washer, such as the Zep® Dyna Clean, the solvent is continuously recycled, while any particulates and oils are trapped in filters for disposal