EZ-Cool® – Evaporative Mesh Cooling Bandana

Made in USA
100% Polyester outer fabric
Wear as headband or neckband
Lightweight, comfortable fabric
Constructed from a 3 layer fabric combining hydrophilic fibers into a fibrous batting and thermally conductive core
Activate by dipping or running under water for 1-2 , minutes. Whisk away the excess water and put it right on
Outer fabric will be dry while the internal cooling fabric provides cooling for up to 8 hours
Spot wash or hand wash only
Cooling properties can be reactivated for the life of the product; May be used over and over again
Very durable and will last multiple seasons with proper care and normal use

SKU PIP-393-EZ201


Ideal for use in warm environments for protection from the stress of high temperatures, outdoor and indoor.