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  • 10505-A-2000x2000_a2e4.jpg
    SKU: 10505

    The Slice® Ceramic Swivel Knife Blades (Straight) are designed to work seamlessly with the 10502 Swivel Knife to create intricately detailed leatherwork. Made and tested in consultation with a master leatherworker, the Swivel Knife Blades are thick and durable, with a clean edge that moves through leather like butter. Because the blade is made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, it’s easy to clean and will never rust. To change the blade, simply loosen the screw on the handle shaft with the hex key (included with the 10502 Swivel Knife) and remove the blade to swap it out for a new one.

  • 10474-A-2000x2000_4536.jpg
    SKU: 10474

    When a consistent and precise cutting depth is important to your work, the Adjustable Pen Cutter by Slice® is the right tool for the job. The 10474 allows you to choose the exact cutting depth you need and to maintain that depth until you’re ready to change it. Simply use the depth adjustment roller to set the maximum length the blade can extend. To use this auto-retractable tool, engage the slider while cutting—the blade will only extend as far as you’ve chosen—and release it when you’re done. Once the slider is released, the blade automatically retracts back into its housing for safety. The 10474 comes with a rounded-tip blade (10404) and is compatible with the Slice 10408 pointed-tip blade. Both blades feature a finger-friendly® edge and are non-magnetic, non-conductive, and never rust.

  • 10503-A-2000x2000_7b73.jpg
    SKU: 10503

    The Slice® 10503 Auto-Retractable Box Cutter takes safety to a new level with an ergonomic, protective J-hook handle and our patented safety blades. Avoid injuries with a tool that prevents you from accidentally leaving the blade exposed and keep your fingers safe with our protective handle. This knife uses 100 percent zirconium oxide blades that are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, and never rust. Suitable for single- and double-walled corrugated.

  • 10560-A_8bf2.jpeg
    SKU: 10560

    This industrial knife is designed specifically for thick materials like foam and fiberglass insulation. With an industrial-strength zirconium oxide blade, it lasts up to eleven times longer than knives with comparable metal blades. This keeps workers more productive for longer. Use either the installed rounded-tip blade or an optional pointed-tip version: both are finger-friendly® and safe to the touch, reducing workplace injuries. With a cutting depth of up to 76 millimeters (approximately 3 inches) the 10560 handles thick materials without dulling quickly or tearing. Blade auto-retracts when slider is released. No-tool blade change mechanism allows user to switch blade orientation for left-handed use.

  • 10493-angle-45-open-2000x2000_becf.jpg
    SKU: 10493

    To expose the blade of the popular 10493 tool, simply squeeze the trigger mechanism and you’re ready to go. A blade-lock switch prevents accidental blade exposure. As with all Slice blades, the installed blade has a finger-friendly edge that’s specifically engineered to be safe to the touch and lower the risk of lacerations. In addition, the zirconium oxide blades lasts up to 11x longer than metal blades and never rusts. Other convenient features include an integrated lanyard hole and easy, no-tool blade change.

  • 10491-A-2000x2000_a3e1.jpg
    SKU: 10491

    Safety managers will enjoy the multiple safeguards of the 10491 knife: a safer, finger-friendly® blade, automatic retraction to reduce blade exposure, and a familiar handle shape that workers are happy to adopt. While this utility knife ships with a Slice® rounded-tip blade, it’s also compatible with our pointed-tip and serrated-edge blades (10525 and 10523). All blades feature a proprietary edge that’s safe to touch, and an advanced ceramic blade material that never rusts and lasts up to 11 times longer than steel. Store one extra blade in the handle’s onboard blade garage. This ambidextrous model helps lower costs and reduce lacerations.

  • 10514-A-2000x2000_1aa8.jpg
    SKU: 10514

    The 10514 is Slice’s auto-retractable version of the popular Mini Cutter. This versatile tool works as a box cutter, handy knife, or kitchen multi-tool. The safety blade stays out of harm’s way when the knife’s not in use and keeps you safer when it is in use, thanks to the Slice proprietary blade manufacturing process. All our blades are safe to the touch and strong enough to cut effectively, and last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Our blades are also chemically inert, have no oil coating, and never rust. This cutter features an onboard magnet to keep it handy, and two different blades slots so it can be adjusted for right- or left-handed use. Ships with rounded-tip blade and compatible with pointed-tip blade, both finger friendly®.

  • 10512-A-2000x2000_28b4.jpg
    SKU: 10512

    The Slice® Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter offers an alternative handle profile to Slice’s box cutters. Its slimmer cylindrical shape is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and it uses the same blades offering the same great features. These include Slice’s proprietary finger-friendly® edge that reduces injuries. Our pen cutter design limits the amount of exposed blade, further preventing accidental cuts. The blade retracts into its housing when the user releases the rubberized slider button.

  • 10597-A-2000x2000_1892.jpg
    SKU: 10597

    This seam ripper’s retracting design is sought by many industrial health and safety experts looking to reduce blade exposure and accidents when the tool is not in use. With the installed 10536 rounded-tip, finger-friendly® blade, and the handle’s ergonomic design, Slice®’s seam ripper is ideal for manufacturing settings where safety is the primary concern. The blade, made from advanced ceramics, is non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and never rusts. It slides smoothly between stitches and cuts effectively without pulling the surrounding material. This seam ripper’s durable reinforced nylon handle features a lanyard hole to keep the tool close at hand. While the installed blade has a rounded tip, a pointed-tip 10537 blade is available separately.

  • 10475-A-2000x2000_5d41.jpg
    SKU: 10475

    At Slice®, we’ve taken our popular pen cutters and added a new variation specifically for working at awkward angles and in tight spaces. These slimmer, more streamlined handles are made from the same sturdy glass-filled nylon material and are compatible with the same 10404 (rounded-tip) and 10408 (pointed-tip) safety blades as our original pen cutters. Switch the blade orientation for lefties using our no-tool blade change. Keep your cutter close at hand with the integrated lanyard hole.

    The 10475 features automatic retraction as an added safety feature. Safety is our number one goal: we manufacture proprietary finger-friendly® safety blades that are safe to the touch and cut effectively. Our blades are non-magnetic, non-sparking, oil-free and never rust. They have been proven in third-party tests to last up to 11 times longer than comparable metal blades.

  • 10590-A-2000x2000_0e18.jpg
    SKU: 10590

    This small scraper features spring-loaded auto-retraction so you can’t accidentally leave the blade exposed. To avoid excess strain on thumb and wrist joints from scraping resistance, Slice® invented SureScrape™, which absorbs kickback force so you don’t have to. No other manufacturer offers a comparable ergonomic advantage. The 10590 ships with a rounded-tip 10524 blade and is compatible with 10523 (serrated) and 10525 (pointed-tip) Slice blades. All Slice safety blades feature a proprietary finger-friendly® edge, which scrapes effectively and is safe to the touch. Blades are non-magnetic, non-conductive, and never rust.

  • 10563-C-2000x2000-ohs_60e5.jpeg
    SKU: 10563

    The Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife by Slice® combines safety and convenience with a quick-to-deploy blade that retracts when it’s not in use. A favorite of industrial workers, the squeeze trigger is easy to use with gloves: no slider or button to hold and the installed lanyard hole keeps it handy. Safety managers love the automatic retraction and locking feature that ensure the blade is never exposed accidentally. The 10563 comes with a rounded-tip blade sporting Slice’s proprietary finger-friendly® edge. It cuts effectively and is safe to the touch. As with all Slice blades, the installed 10526 blade is non-conductive, non-magnetic, and never rusts. Compatible with the 10528 pointed-tip blade.

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